Friday, March 29, 2013

Why A Beginner Would The Jedi Knight In Star Wars: The Old Republic?

The Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) servers is filled with Jedi Knights because it is the most popular and considered to be the most powerful class in the game. After all, an entire generation of people has dreamed about swinging light sabers and many have bought the toys as well. 

The epitome of good versus evil always boils down to the Jedi Knight versus the Sith Warrior. For starters, the Jedi knight is a really great class to go solo. You don’t need to pair up in teams like a Smuggler class (which does not have really high armor or defense) so it will be very hard to tank against large groups of opponents. 

Jedi knights excel at deflecting blows from their opponents like in the movies. You can use it to farm credits and take on opponents all by yourself. They are skilled at throwing their light sabers and having them return swiftly to their owner after a good aimed shot. Their ability to use the Force is really good as they can push or pull their opponents using the Force. 

This is very good if you want to control your opponent and attack them based on the terrain or environment. But best of all, their ‘swordplay’ is really good as it would finish off their opponents really swiftly. There are two areas of specialization for the Jedi Knight. They are the Guardian and the other is the Sentinel. 

Guardians are armor specialists and are really good in defense while the sentinel learns how to use 2 light sabers with deadly efficiency. At the end of the day, the Jedi Knight is a really fun class to play as it brings out all the wonderful memories of nostalgia in a timeless franchise such as Star Wars.  

Choosing A Flexible Class In Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Bounty Hunter of the Empire is considered to be one of the most versatile SWTOR classes. For starters, its specialization allows you to absorb a lot of damage. At the same time, it can also dish out a lot of damage due to their arsenal of weapons consisting of flame throwers, rocket boosters for flight, missiles, bombs, lasers and many more – they are considered an all-in-one which might even rival the popularity of Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors!

In this class, there are many choices on how you can build your character to undertake certain missions. The 2 primary areas of specialization are: – Powertech – Mercenary The Powertech is geared towards shielding, defensive tactics, high powered area of effect flame throwers and thick armor which makes this advanced class specialization good against taking out huge mobs. 

The Mercenary is different in the aspect that it focuses more on blasters, heat seeking missiles and loads and loads of fire power. It also has good armor as well therefore the main difference is the powertech is a good one man blockade and the other is a walking weapons platform. Utilizing flight is very important as it gives you a lot of versatility when attacking your opponents. 

Lastly, your weapon choice must also be planned very well. For example, you want to combine your powers of flight and heat seeking missiles to keep yourself away from melee classes. This is one area that you must exploit and use to your advantage instead of being a sitting duck when you can soar like an eagle. 

At the end of the day, understanding your class’ strength and weaknesses is very important if you want to build a really effective character. You don’t want to be putting your skill points into the wrong areas because this will really affect your choices later on.  For more tips visit

Why A Beginner Would Choose The Smuggler Classes In Star Wars: The Old Republic?

If you are like most Star Wars fans out there, you can expect the server to be overrun with Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors. After all, most people consider them to be the most powerful beings in the entire Star Wars universe! 

But what would compel someone to choose the smuggler class in SWTOR? Very simple. Have you played a rogue class in World of Warcraft? Simply put, the rogue is a very stealthy class that focuses on sneaking up to their opponents and dealing a lot of damage in a single blow. Therefore the smuggler class is similar like the rogue. 

It has the best dodge skills in the game and can most probably evade most blaster fire easily. Backstabbing comes naturally to a class like this where you can morph into an invisible force field, lay down your payload and get out unscathed. You can also get into most places that other classes will not be able to get into. 

Trading definitely is one of the greater traits of a smuggler as their smooth talking will get them the best deals. You need to be very careful with your defenses though. Unlike the Jedi or the trooper classes, these classes are built like a tank and can take a lot of punishment. Smugglers are more fragile and care must be taken.

This SWTOR class has 2 areas of advancement – the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel. Knowing your class specialization is very important because you have to determine which path to take as a Gunslinger or a Scoundrel. Gunslingers are very good with two guns while the scoundrel is definitely the master of dirty fighting and dirty tactics.  

What Are The Classes In SWTOR?

There are a few things you must remember about SWTOR and it isn’t your typical WOW (World Of Warcraft) type of class. Each SWTOR class on each team (Republic Or Empire) has its own unique type of character which is different from WOW where a Warrior on one side will often have a Warrior on the other side (same goes for Rogues, Mages and so on…)

In SWTOR, all you need to remember is that there are classes that focuses on defense and those that focuses on dealing damage. Here are a list of classes for the republic and the empire: 

Republic classes:
 – Trooper consisting of Vanguard and Commando
 – Smuggler consisting of Gunslinger and Scoundrel
 – Jedi knight consisting of Guardian and Sentinel
 – Jedi Consular consisting of the Sage the Shadow

Empire classes: – Bounty Hunter consisting of Powertech and Mercenary
 – Sith Warrior consisting of Juggernaut and Marauder
 – Imperial Agent consisting of Operative and Sniper 
– Sith Inquisitor consisting of the Assassin and the Sorcerer 

Each of these classes allows you to move towards one of these 2 advanced Classes and these are specialized career paths. Each path will help you to accomplish a certain role in an easier way or participate in large scale battles where you need to cooperate as a team. 

It also influences the role you play as well so it is very important to plan your characters from the start. Do not try and put points into areas you will not use later on or you will regret your decision as the game advances.